I’ve always loved personality quizzes- that little rush of self-reflection as I saw on the page a fragment of myself and the connection that ‘it isn’t just me’.

The Enneagram, however, was the first one to change my life.

The Discovery

I’m not sure when I first stumbled upon the typology system but I remember being a little bewildered by the reference to people as numbers. ‘What on earth is a Type 5?’ I wondered.

Gradually, I uncovered more and became intrigued. I loved the way the system could not only tell you what you are like, but what you do under stress or when things are going well. It gave room to move, opened up a world of possibilities. Those secret brain pathways I thought were peculiar to me, became something shared, something I understood.

It wasn’t exactly smooth, however. Somehow it took the journey of moving through most of the types to figure out exactly which one fit. Where some descriptions fit my behaviour, they didn’t really come close to capturing the why behind them. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this is a common issue for Enneagram Type 9’s, who seem to find it easier to view life through everyone else’s eyes rather than their own.

Enneagram for kids?

The real magic began, however, when Dave and I began to use the lens of the Enneagram in parenting. We knew without a shadow of a doubt that our children were different, but the Enneagram gave us a way of interpreting what felt like a foreign language at times.

We haven’t shared with our four kids what we suspect their type is. After all, I reason, if it took me multiple attempts to figure out myself, I might not be getting it right anyway. But we use the information as a guide to help love and understand them in nuanced ways.

The Mastery Chronicles

The Mastery Chronicles is a love project. Capturing the insights of the Enneagram so that kids everywhere can begin to see themselves with wonder rather than a sense of shame, I dream of a series that each child can see themselves represented in.

By using the wisdom and richness of the Enneagram to frame the characters, I hope that each person will feel seen and understood, to know that their best life is to become their most authentic selves, rather than to try and emulate the patterns of those around them.

Join the Adventure

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Here’s to the exciting adventure!